Interior design trends change as years go by. One thing remains constant: everyone has their own interpretation of each interior design style.

When traditional interior design styles favored decoration, minimalism snuck into traditionally decorated homes. And when minimalistic design became popular, maximalism appeared to challenge it.

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Whatever your personal interior design style, there are elements from every aesthetic that you can use as inspiration. Stressless recliners at European Leather Gallery are a timeless and never go out of style. If you’re looking for something new and trendy, we’ve got 3 modern interior design styles you might like.

Japandi Style

A mix between Scandinavian and Japanese interior design, Japandi combines the best of these two aesthetics.

Scandinavian design places emphasis on creating highly functional spaces. It prioritizes affordability, necessity, and comfort. It consists of predominantly all-white interiors designed to draw in and reflect as much natural light as possible.

Japanese design emphasizes peace and tranquility. Inspired by nature and filled with low-to-the-ground furniture, it uses natural materials and clean lines. Japanese interiors are uncluttered, open, and ordered spaces.

Japandi style is the perfect in-between of these two styles. Think clean lines, cozy sculptural furniture, minimal decor, natural materials, and organic elements throughout. It celebrates curated spaces, meaningful design choices, and calming natural colors.

At its core, this style is intentional. Serene and warm, Japandi style balances different elements of a room to create a calming space with an ergonomic layout.

To plan out your home’s layout, as built drawings can be incredibly useful. These show floor plans, roof plans, exterior elevations, interior elevations, and different sections. Knowing exactly where everything gives you the ability to make the most of your space and create an ergonomic, intentional home.

Hollywood Glam Style

Created for lovers of luxury, Hollywood Glam style creates dramatic interiors using opulence. With roots in Art Deco and the old-world attraction of Hollywood, this decadent style creates comfort and luxury with artistic and eye-catching features.

If you find minimalism unoriginal and boring, the extravagance of Hollywood Glam will cure every one of your design blues. Unlike most modern interior design styles, Hollywood Glam embraces stuff.

In a Hollywood Glam space, you’ll see plush or velvet furnishings, tufting, expensive antiques, and statement pieces. These interiors are held together by bold, loud color schemes, including reds, purples, golds, and shades of turquoise. Experiment with dramatic lighting to draw the eye to your favorite furniture pieces and artwork.

Biophilic Style

One of the newest and fastest-growing interior design styles is Biophilia. Biophilic interior design takes its cues from biophilic architecture – which embraces nature and draws it indoors.

Biophilic interiors are filled with plants, creating indoor jungles in every room. Many biophilic homes have entire indoor gardens, with trees, shrubbery, and even water features such as waterfalls.

Natural light is incredibly important for biophilic design. Large windows and skylights are key components of this style. Using fire as a light source is also a great way to warm up your home and create a welcoming presence.

To create a biophilic home, use natural materials. Furniture made from materials like wood and stone helps to bring nature in from outside. Nothing is cozier or more inviting than an interior filled with elements that connect us to nature.

Mix and Match Interior Design Styles to Create a Unique Home

Do you like bright, bold colors and tons of decor? Or do you prefer neutral tones and empty surfaces? Whatever elements you enjoy, there is a design style to suit your preferences. And if there isn’t, you can grab elements from different styles to create your own!

Which of these interior design styles are you most excited to incorporate into your home?

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