Learning new words can be difficult for several people, but it becomes easier if you can learn and play at the same time. I am talking about word games and how you can use them to improve your vocabulary.

Most people prefer word games to learn new words because they are easy and fun, and you can play them with your friends and families. Sometimes, you can get stuck with a difficult level or opponent, but there are several ways to get out of that situation.

One of the best ways to get out of that situation is using a word unscrambler tool. In this blog, you will learn more about these tools and how they can help you solve other problems.

What is a Word Unscrambler Tool?

As you can figure out from the name, people use this tool to unscramble words for word games like Words With Friends, Scrabble, Boggle, Bananagrams, crosswords, wordles, etc.

This tool helps you to find all valid and possible words according to the letter combination you give to it. You can enter conditions like two-letter, four-letter, nine-letter words, words with specific letters, words without vowels, etc., and it will give you a list of the words or phrases that fulfills your requirement. Visit here to learn more about a word unscrambler tool.

How Does it Work?

A word unscrambler can help you in two ways,

  1. By unscrambling words,
  2. By unscrambling letters.

I will explain both unscrambling methods, and then we’ll move on to the benefits of a word unscrambler tool.

1) By Unscrambling Words

Unscrambling words/jumbled words means that the tool will make a word from the letters that are not in their original place. It can form many words depending upon the letters and their numbers.

Unscrambling three or four-letter jumbled words might look easy, but it becomes more complex when you have seven or more letter words. Several games will give you a jumbled word with a silent letter, and you will try to include that as a part of the word. For instance, you will get the following letters

  •  s, i, t, u, n, a, and m.

You might try to make words using all letters only to find out that the letter t was silent, and the word was Tsunami. A word scrambler makes these types of things easy.

2) By Unscrambling Letters

Unscrambling all the letters to form a word is more complex than unscrambling words. You will have two or five or more letters and use those letters to find the appropriate word.

Using a tool helps you to quickly apply all the permutations and combinations to find the words that fulfill all requirements. Using these tools comes in handy when you have to make new words in games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, Boggle, etc.

Is There a Single Tool You Can Use for All Games?

Yes and No. It depends on the requirement of a user. Sometimes you can use a single tool for all games, and sometimes you need to find particular tools. Here is why:

  1. Almost every word game uses a different dictionary. Some games have prime dictionaries, some have social or free dictionaries, and some use a combination of their own words and other dictionaries. 
  1. Different dictionaries mean different words in every game. Although 80-90% of the words or phrases are the same in all word games, there are still many words that you can use in one game but not in another. So, if you use a Scrabble-specific word tool for Bananagrams, it will not show you the words that are only valid in Bananagrams.
  1. You can also not use a single tool for every word game because of abbreviations. Some word games allow abbreviations like LOL and TFW, while others will not allow it. 
  1. You can use a single word tool while playing games like crosswords and wordles. However, you might want to be sure you do not use a Scrabble or Boggle-specific word unscrambler. Try using a common word tool that will do the trick.

Benefits of Using a Word Tool

Using these tools in the game is not the only thing you can do with them. There are several other ways these tools can help you, and here are some most common ones.

1) They Improve Your Performances in Word Games

Several times you find opponents that make you realize how much you suck at word games. You start thinking if these word games are for you. In those cases, the word unscrambler tools help a lot.

You can find and make all possible words with an exact number of letters or some of them. Using these tools effectively is an art in itself too. You can not expect these tools to give you the exact answer just like that. You need to be fast and accurate if you want these tools to provide you with the best possible options as soon as possible.

Some people do not allow using these tools during the games, but it depends on you and your opponents. Using these tools in competitions is strictly prohibited. You can still use them to study and learn new words for your next game. These tools also help people with dyslexia.

You can use these tools as cheating or guiding assistants. Both ways, these tools will improve your game performance, and you can beat those opponents who beat you every time.

2) They Enrich Your Vocabulary

It is one of the handiest uses of a word tool. Improving and expanding your vocabulary can help you in many ways like

  1. It helps you in your professional career. You can use new words in meetings or presentations, which makes you feel more confident. You also understand other people more easily because you would already know the words and phrases they use. In general, it improves your overall communication.
  1. It also helps you massively with your friends and families. You can use new words to make the conversation more healthy. Several times people want to express something, but it sounds different because of the words they choose in their sentences. You can avoid situations like these by improving your vocab.

Several users use a word tool to search for a specific word under some conditions. However, sometimes you find a new word that enriches your vocabulary. You can write those words and search for their meanings to use them later.

Word tools also help students to write better emails, letters, and applications. All these things require a neat and clean paragraph to make them easier to understand. However, you can not write a crisp and short email or application if you do not know enough words. You might write a lengthy application that does not make a good impact.

Students can also use these tools to improve spelling and grammar. They can learn new words, meanings, usage, and more using these tools. Storytellers, stage hosts, and other professionals use these tools regularly.

3) Create A Fun Word Quiz

Hosting a dinner or family party has never been an easy task. You plan the guest list, menu, after-dinner events, and more. Dining with adults and mature guests is an easy task compared to keeping younger ones entertained.

Word games and the word unscrambler tool can do this task for you. 

1) Word games keep younger ones entertained as they can compete against each other, play as a team against online players and bots, and play-making teams among themselves.

You can allow them to play on a board, an app, or a website. Games like Scrabble Go and Words With Friends 2 can be good options because they contain features like bonuses and power-ups that excite kids. 

2) Another option is to create a word game by yourself. You can create an easy crossword, quiz, or wordle and ask the children to solve it. You can also make the game more intense by announcing that the winner will get free candy.

It is easy to create an easy mini-word game. You can search the internet, and you will get more than enough ideas or scrambled words you can use. 

An unscrambler word tool will make the job much easier for you. You can enter conditions like two or four-letter words to find easier words. You can also increase the level by searching for words without vowels.

Wrapping Up

Unscrambler tools enrich your vocabulary by giving you new words. You can use those words while speaking, writing, or playing games. You can also use these tools to win in word games like Bananagrams, Words With Friends, Scrabble, and Boggle.

Improving your vocabulary is one of the most important things you can use these tools. They make the learning process much easier and more fun. Try to use specific word tools for specific games while playing games with different rules like Scrabble and Words With Friends.