When you’re trying to furnish a new apartment, it’s easy for the space to become cluttered and messy. For most people, living in under 1000 square feet is a challenge, but it’s not impossible to make a small space feel like home.

The key to keeping an apartment from feeling cluttered is by getting smart with saving space. So how do you do it? Here are 14 genius tips anyone with a small apartment should try.

1. Use Cabinet Space Wisely

In small apartments, cabinets are prime real estate. So you have to use the space you have available wisely. This is especially true in kitchens where your collection of pots and pans and stacks of dishes can quickly take over.

Try cabinet organizers to keep everything straight and free up valuable room on your counters.

2. Go Vertical

If you can’t spread out, go up. Using your vertical space in a small apartment allows you to utilize every available inch of your apartment for storage.

Install floor-to-ceiling bookcases, hang floating shelves on the walls, or add a cabinet for storage that keeps your floors open.

3. Try Pull-Out Trays

Don’t have the room for a dining table and chairs? Try using pull-out trays as your small-space eating surface. These don’t have to be the old-style TV trays made popular decades ago.

You can find a piece of furniture that fits well into your decor and can double as tray storage.

4. Dual-Purpose Furniture

Speaking of furniture with storage, one of the best tips for saving space is to get furniture that has a dual- or multi-purpose. Find a desk that can turn into a vanity or a sofa that can fold down into a bed.

Dual-purpose furniture allows you to have all the furniture pieces you want without having to double up.

5. Use All Your Corners

In a small apartment, you have to use all the space you have available. Of course, you want to do this smartly, or else you run the risk of making your tiny space feel cluttered.

So use your corners to add useful storage features like benches with an interior compartment. This gives you extra seating and extra storage.

6. Get Creative With Storage

Looking at a small space and trying to figure out how to fit all of your belongings inside can make you feel overwhelmed. But a small space is also an opportunity to get creative.

Try mounting your cookware on the wall or adding baskets to the sides of bookcases.

7. Floating Shelves Are Your Friends

If you like the clean and traditional look like the style the rentals at Liberty Properties provide, you’ll want to utilize floating shelves in your interior design.

Floating shelves have an easy installation that does well at saving space in a small apartment and adding a unique and stunning design feature to your home.

8. Stay Organized

Need to know the secret for how to save space in a small apartment? You have to stay organized. Just as you have to keep your space clean, you also have to keep it organized. 

This will not only help your apartment appear and be cleaner, but it will also make it easier to exist in a small space.

9. Make a Place for Everything

You know that staying organized is important for a small space, so start by making a place for everything. Don’t stop at organizing drawers and folding laundry.

Create designated places for everything from books to toiletries to shoes. Know what objects go on which surfaces and what belongs in what room.

If all your belongings have a designated place, it makes staying organized and clean much easier.

10. Try to Downsize

The truth is that you won’t always have the room to take every item your own. But living always means accumulating things. So whether you’re moving from a house or an apartment, try to downsize.

You can sell some of your furniture, donate old clothes, or put some of your unused items in storage.

11. Make a Cleaning Schedule

At first glance, this may not seem like one of the best space saving tips. But in a small space, falling behind on chores can make your apartment feel cluttered, leading to it feeling small.

So stay on top of your household chores by creating and sticking to a cleaning schedule.

Include tasks to do daily, weekly, and monthly to stay on top of the household maintenance. Less clutter gives the appearance and feeling of a wide-open home.

12. Add a Clothing Rack

Lacking closet space? Add a clothing rack to give your clothes an extra boost of storage. These are great for anyone with a shallow closet or a studio apartment lacking in the space altogether.

You can find slim clothing racks that won’t take up much space but will give you the room to hang up shirts, dresses, or coats that don’t fit in your closet.

13. Create Distinct Zones

If you create distinct zones in your apartment, you can give the effect of having separate rooms. This is especially true if you have a studio or one-bedroom apartment.

Try adding an area rug, a glass screen, or curtains to gently divide your space into distinct sections.

14. Choose Smaller Your Furniture

This seems like an obvious solution, but you’d be surprised how quickly furniture can clutter up your space. When picking out your living room furnitures, be sure to choose smaller pieces or look for pieces made specifically for apartments.

You should also keep the size of the furniture in mind with the scale of the room. If you have low ceilings or small rooms, larger pieces of furniture will make the room feel smaller.

Be Smart When Saving Space

A tiny apartment doesn’t have to feel like a small, dark, cluttered cave. No matter the square footage of your apartment, you want to live in a space that feels like home. And if you’re smart with your space, it will feel like home.

With these smart tips for saving space, you can make get the most out of your little bit of space. You can turn a simple, small square footage box into the tiny home of your dreams.

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