Many businesses provide services to their customers or clients, but there are some businesses that provide services to other businesses. This is known as business to business (B2B), as all businesses— whether they’re B2C (business to consumer) or B2B— need certain services to function properly.

All businesses rely on things like safety, production, and marketing. However, most businesses can’t provide these services for themselves so they need to outsource to another business to provide these services for them. Here are 12 of the most common types of services that businesses need.


#1: Cleaning Services

It’s safe to say that many businesses choose to keep this service in-house, as to not pay an extra cost for something that can be done by their employees. However, hiring a cleaning service for your business can give you more than just a clean office. Cleaning services tend to include additional services, such as waste management and pest control services.

#2: Design Services

Small business owners may attempt to design things like their logo and business website, but many ultimately choose a design service to take care of these things for them. Design services can produce a high-quality business logo and a professional business website— which is something that all businesses need in today’s digital world.

#3: Employee Services

Small businesses may be able to keep training in-house, but larger businesses may need to outsource training services when hiring multiple employees at once. Small businesses may also choose to outsource training services if their employees need specialized training.

One service which is often outsourced is pre-employment drug testing. Most businesses don’t have the necessary equipment or time to do it properly. That said it’s am important part of the hiring process to know who you’re welcoming into your company.

Other services that businesses may offer their employees include personal services, such as health and wellness to promote healthy habits among their employees. These include nutritionists, therapists, and even exercise equipment or gym memberships to encourage wellness.

#4: Financial Services

The goal of every business is to make money, and this money needs to be managed accurately. Financial services help businesses with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax functions.

#5: Insurance Services

Businesses that have employees must provide workers’ compensation insurance and oftentimes even health and life insurance. Businesses also need several types of business insurance, such as:

  • Business income insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • General liability insurance

Businesses tend to have a lot of financial liabilities, so they need a variety of different types of insurance to protect their finances.

#6: Legal Services

When you hear the term “legal services”, your mind may automatically go to lawsuits, but businesses consult legal services for many other reasons. Business owners often need to draft legal documents and require the expertise of a business contract lawyer in northern Virginia.

#7: Maintenance and Utility Service

Companies rely on a variety of things to ensure that their business is running smoothly. These include things like electricity and running water, but it also includes things like computers, appliances, and other devices (which rely on electricity themselves) to keep the business running. This means that businesses need utility and maintenance services (including tech support) to ensure that everything is working properly.

#8: Marketing Services

Many businesses keep their marketing services in-house, but it’s not rare for businesses to outsource this business function. Effective marketing techniques help businesses advertise their products to customers or services to clients. Marketing also allows businesses to advertise their brand to not only their consumers but also to potential employees— which is known as recruitment marketing.

#9: Planning Services

Like individuals, businesses must network with other businesses, and corporate functions such as these must be planned by someone. Event planning services can be utilized to plan anything from job fairs to office parties.

#10: Research Services

Businesses need to conduct research for a variety of reasons including background checks on potential employees. When not able to get all the info on their own, a Sterling Check EMEA will help with criminal record checks to ensure your new candidate is a good hire.

Could also be research for a new product they’re developing or scientific research on a new treatment service. But research isn’t limited to what a business provides for its consumers, because it’s also necessary for businesses to perform marketing research in order to stay competitive.

#11: Security Services

Depending on the type of company, some businesses may need security for day-to-day business operations. For those businesses that don’t need daily security, they may need security services for special events.

#12: Software Services

Businesses rely on all of the functions listed above and more to ensure that everything runs efficiently, and business software helps businesses achieve this. JDE Cloud Services can help businesses maintain all of their software in one convenient location.

These are just a few services that the majority of businesses can benefit from having. Depending on what type of business you have, you may need more or less than what’s listed here.