San Francisco is shrinking. Or, at least, its population is shrinking. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8% of San Franciscans say they would like to move to a new city.

With so many residents moving out, though, that means there is more room for you! But have you considered The Mission District?

The Mission is a neighborhood in San Francisco. It’s a great place for young professionals, creative types, and young couples.

Today, we are bringing you this guide to the top things you need to know about The Mission before moving there. Keep reading for the ten things you must do and see while living in the area!


1. What’s the Deal With San Francisco Real Estate?

San Francisco, California has some of the highest real estate prices in the country. But don’t let that deter you from moving to San Francisco. The Mission District offers relatively affordable properties for sale and for rent.

The average for renting in San Francisco is around $3,400 for a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Meanwhile, renting the average studio or one-bedroom apartment in The Mission will cost you a few hundred dollars less per month.

Want to save money on your new Mission home? Try using a local rental agent who can find you some serious deals.

2. The History of the Mission District

The Mission is home to one of the largest Latin communities in San Francisco. The area used to be home to the Spanish Colonial religious outpost of Mission San Francisco de Asís, colloquially known as Mission Dolores.

Mission Dolores was constructed in 1776. It is the oldest building in The Mission and all of San Francisco. If you are in the area, make sure to stop by Mission Dolores to see a piece of the neighborhood’s history.

3. Do You Like Art?

If not, The Mission District may not be the San Francisco neighborhood for you. After all, there are nearly 500 different murals painted across the walls of the microneighborhoods within The Mission District.

The district has allowed artists to paint street murals around the neighborhood since the 1980s.

Important murals on Balmy Alley depict Latin iconography and bright colors. Also, check out the Carnaval Mural on 24th Street and the Women’s Building Mural on 18th Street.

4. Dolores Park

Dolores Park is the weekend hangout spot for The Mission’s residents. You will find the district’s residents lounging in the sunshine and enjoying the view of the San Francisco skyline.

As its name suggests, Dolores Park sits just behind Mission Dolores. That makes the park a great spot for people-watching tourists to the area. If you have children, make sure to bring them to the new park playground.

5. Are You a Trendsetter?

If so, The Mission is definitely the neighborhood for you. It is one of the trendiest districts in all of San Francisco. Whether you are searching for trendy retailers, foodie havens, or of-the-now bars and cages, The Mission has it.

Valencia Street is the best place for trendy clothing and accessory stores. The street also offers quaint bookstores and hipster record havens. It is also home to weirder storefronts offering everything from religious folklore to taxidermy.

6. 24th Street

24th Street is a must-visit for all residents of The Mission. It is home to many Latin-owned businesses that have been around for decades.

You can not miss La Victoria Panaderia or La Palma Mexicatessan if you love Latin flavors. Lolinda is an Argentinian grill that is a mainstay for meat lovers of all nationalities and ages.

As mentioned, Balmy Alley is home to some pretty cool murals. And you can find these murals sandwiched between 24th Street and 25th Street.

7. Looking for a Job?

If so, The Mission is a great district to seek employment. In fact, San Francisco, in general, has a thriving economy.

Major companies like Amazon, Salesforce, Deloitte, and Wells Fargo are major employers in the city. San Francisco is also home to Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is the place to be for tech startup employees and entrepreneurs.

San Francisco, as a whole, has a 2.6% unemployment rate. That is more than a basis point lower than the national average unemployment rate.

8. Urban Putt Mini Golf

Believe it or not, The Mission is the only place in all of San Francisco where you can go mini golfing. Urban Putt may be the only mini golfing facility in the district, but that is not the only reason so many people flock to it.

Urban Putt is a sight to see. It features art installments, all housed within a Victorian-style home. Play 14 holes to see all the strange and techy art installments the golf course has to offer.

Once you are done playing, head to the Urban Putt bar for a cocktail or two. There is also a restaurant on the premises.

9. Do You Love Sports?

If so, you will love living in The Mission. Nearby San Diego has multiple professional sports teams to offer. Watch the Golden State Warriors tear up the court, the 49ers compete on the field, and the Giants hit a home run or two.

College sports enthusiasts will also love living in the area. Local universities like the University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco State University have excellent men’s and women’s sports teams to suit your fancy.

10. Carnaval

If you love Mardi Gras, you will really love Carnaval. Carnaval is San Francisco’s largest festival. It takes place on the streets of The Mission District.

Head to the curbs between 16th Street and 24th Street to watch the parade. Or try local food from the vendors that set up their carts around the neighborhood. And don’t forget your costume!

Want More Tips for Buying Real Estate?

The Mission District is a vibrant and colorful neighborhood in San Francisco. We hope this guide has helped you realize how much this area has to offer new residents like you!

Are you searching for more tips to help you move to the neighborhood of your dreams? Then you better keep scrolling!