It’s quite an honor for a friend to be chosen as a bridesmaid. You must be flooded with feelings of excitement and joy but if it’s your first time as a bridesmaid then you may panic if you are not prepared.

Being a bridesmaid is no glitz and glamor but in the end, it’s worth the effort. Besides the wedding celebrations, there is financial commitment involved for anyone in the wedding party. You need to be aware of your duties at hand to be the bridesmaid you can be.

Here are some amazing tips to ensure you are fully prepared as a bridesmaid.

Be Emotionally Supportive

Planning for a wedding can be pretty stressful and not all things may go as you initially planned. As a bridesmaid, you need to be there for the bride in the most important chapter of life.

Make sure you are available as much as you can before the wedding. You don’t have to be always around but it’s great for the bride to know that her bridesmaids are there for them as their closest supporters. Wedding planning is a group effort and it’s important to set a good tone right from the beginning.

Help with Pre-Wedding Events

Your role as bridesmaid also includes pre-wedding events like the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. You can help the bride prepare for the events and ensure that everything is planned perfectly.

If you wish to surprise your friend before the wedding, then planning a secret bachelorette party would be the best way. Create props for the party so that your photos come out more creative.

Pack a Wedding Emergency Kit

Even if the bride came to the wedding venue fully prepared with a perfect dress and makeup, some last-minute issues could arise. You need to make sure that the bride has immediate access to anything she needs before walking down the aisle.

Your emergency wedding kit should include bobby pins, hairspray, breath mints, safety pins, makeup, tissues, tampon, stain removers, and oil blotting papers. Use this infographic by to help keep track of the crucial items you’ll need on the big day.

Assist with the Bridal Dress

Most brides have a clear vision of what they want to wear for their wedding. If the bride asks you for a recommendation, you can suggest a dress design from Dress Inventory. Help the bride fit into the wedding dress as some can be rather challenging to get into sometimes. Give ideas on the bridesmaid’s hair and makeup.

Besides getting ready for the event, make sure the bride has everything she needs with her during her photoshoot. Normally the wedding planner will have all the essentials like rings, but as a bridesmaid, you can help keep track of smaller items like lipstick and the bride’s cellphone.

Keep in Touch with the Planner

As a maid of honor or bridesmaid, it is important to know who the planner is and how your role overlaps with theirs. When you rehearse before the event, you will be most likely given instructions from the planner at some point.

Cooperate with the planner and do things that suit their schedule. Follow the wedding event sequence that you discuss with the planner. If you work together with a planner, it will ensure that everything goes smoothly on the big day.

Know Where You Will Walk or Stand Before the Event

While this is something that will be covered during the rehearsals, you should still make a note of where you will be expected to stand or walk during the ceremony.

If you plan ahead, there will be less risk of a hiccup on the big day when it comes to positioning. It ensures that the photos come out great and the ceremony rolls out in the best way possible. One great tip is to stand straight and hold your bouquet low.

Feed the Bride

Usually, refreshments are provided when the bridesmaid gets ready for the event. But the bride is more focused on getting ready for the big day, she often doesn’t eat properly. As a bridesmaid, make sure that the bride stays hydrated and fed among the wedding excitement.

At the very least make sure the bride drinks water and eats light snacks throughout the day. All the preparations and makeup can make the bride exhausted. Proper nourishment at the wedding is necessary to keep the bride full on energy levels.

Keep the Energy Up

Make sure to set the mood up during the rehearsals and the wedding event as well. If there is an after-hours event then keep the party going there as well.

Don’t complain or vent your anger on the wedding day. The day is long for the entire party, but remember that all the pressure is on the couple so you should at least try to stay calm. If you don’t like how your makeup or hair turned out then talk to your stylist rather than complaining about it to the bride.

Give a Speech at the Ceremony

You have all the good reasons to give a speech at the wedding ceremony. One is that you are closely acquainted with the bride and have a history of being friends.

It can be stressful to deliver a speech in front of an audience. You don’t have to stress about it but try to enjoy the process. Keep your speech funny, short, and light. Rather than thinking of it as something formal, speak about some of your old cherished memories together.

Share Photos

You can do a favor to the couple and create a digital collection of any photos and videos taken on the wedding day. It can help the couple look back at their event while they wait for the official photos. Since the official ones can take anywhere near four to eight weeks, your efforts can help the couple reminisce over the memories.

When the photographer finally sends the photos and videos, be sure to remind the bride and indulge them when the time comes.