Marrakech, an enchanting city in Morocco, is considered one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. In 2019, the city received more than 3 million tourists. And on average, tourists will spend more than $600.00 over the course of their trip.

If you are thinking of moving to Morocco or investing in housing, these figures show a promising economy and tourism rental market. Marrakech Villas could be an excellent personal investment or lucrative source of passive income depending on your real estate goals.

Living in Marrakech is a wonder for the senses. From exploring souks to enjoying world-class dining and friendly locals, the city offers exploration and relaxation all in one. Read on to discover the top reasons why many buyers are looking to purchase Marrakech properties. 

1. Affordability and Value 

Unlike metropolitan markets in the United States or large European capitals, Marrakech offers increased affordability and value. That means you can purchase a property for a lower initial investment. But, best of all?

That affordability and value doesn’t mean forgoing city living and the related benefits. In Marrakech, you could invest in a centrally located villa in the city center or outskirts and still stay within your means. Check out these villas for sale to get a sense of the Marrakech real estate market and pricing. 

2. Multiple Rental Opportunities 

Investing in Marrakech means opening up your real estate portfolio and earning potential. You may wish to relocate and start a new life in Marrakech. Or, you may have ideas of spending part of the year in Morocco and maintaining other residences.

In this case, Marrackech offers unique rental opportunities to support your investment. For example, you could rent your property to locals or consider short-term vacation rentals. If leasing your villa is a priority, remember to consider special furnishes, finishes, or amenities typical renters may prefer.

Family tenants may need extra bedrooms or larger living areas. While digital nomads or young professionals want furnished spaces, high-speed wifi, and proximity to downtown. 

3. Become a Hotelier 

Capitalize on Marrakech’s tourism sector and considering turning your villa into a hotel. Many Marrakech properties make the perfect hotel to welcome guests from all over the world. For example, properties with intimate courtyards, multiple floors, pools, and expansive gardens are selling points to attract guests and market your property.

Depending on your budget and the space of your villa, you could even choose to live in the property. This makes running your hotel convenient and will help you connect with the local community. 

4. Classic Design and Elegance 

Moroccan homes are revered for intimate designs and beautiful details. Often called riads, a traditional Morrocan home is typically constructed around an open-air courtyard with a fountain, sitting areas, and even a small plunge pool. In the interior, the home may have gorgeous details like Moroccan brass chandeliers or handpainted wall and floor tiles.

This classic design and elegance is the appeal for many homebuyers coming to Marrakech. Nowhere else in the world will you find this historical and unique design. Investing in a Moroccan villa is a special opportunity to buy a piece of history and admire the architecture for years to come. 

5. Safety and Security 

In general, Marrakech is considered and safe and secure city. As a home investor, a safe city is an important factor in your buying decision.

You want to be sure that your villa will be protected in your absence or that your guests are safe at all times. In Marrakech neighborhoods, you’ll find plenty of locals, ex-pats, and tourists alike.

These diverse groups help to create a sense of community and safety. So, whether you’re moving to Marrakech or planning on living in Marrakech part-time, you’ll feel comfortable and right at home.  

6. Invest in a Growing Economy 

Morocco is heavily dependent on tourism and export industries to support the economy. When you invest in a Marrakech villa, know that you are buying into a stable economy.

This can help ease your peace of mind around the investment and be an incentive to purchase. And remember that even if your life plans change and you no longer want to live in Marrakech full-time, a large tourism rental pool can support your mortgage payments or investment. 

7. Proximity to European Markets 

While the magic of Morocco and Africa is at your fingertips, Marrakech’s proximity and connectivity to European capitals are extremely appealing. By train and boat or a quick flight, you can reach Spain and most Mediterranean countries.

Within 3 hours flight from Marrakech, you could land in London! This makes Marrakech an appealing base to plan your getaways or entice guests to visit your villa.  

8. Warm Climate 

Marrakech can experience extreme temperatures in the summer months. But throughout the rest of the year, expect a warm and fairly comfortable climate.

This weather takes life in the sun to new levels! And without harsh winter storms or cold weather, your villa will have less wear and tear and you can save on electricity bills.  

9. International Community 

Full of ex-pats and globally-minded locals, you’ll fit right into the international community in Marrakech. A long history from the writers of the Golden Age to the French colonists has established Marrakech as a center for international folk. Enjoy becoming a part of this thriving community as a villa owner. 

10. Magic of Marrakech 

Your villa will allow you to experience the magic of Marrakech at home and out in the streets. Shop for tonight’s dinner at your local souk, check out that new coffee shop that opened downtown, or visit one of the many art museums and galleries. There is no shortage of things to do or experience in Marrakech. 

Marrakech Villas Could Be Your Next Greatest Investment 

Marrakech Villas could be a lucrative investment that helps connect you to the local community. The city’s strong tourism sector and economy could support a rental property or hotel. But, if you are set on calling Marrakech home, then get ready to get to know locals, become a part of the established ex-pat community and enjoy life in the sun! 

A villa in Marrakech is a wonderful place to call home. Did you find this information interesting? Then, check out our other real estate stories.